Bristo Table


Bristo Table

Why are we the best manufacturer of Bristo Table? With such a long list of customers and positive customer reviews, it is no surprise why we are so popular. Our quality, our designs and our commitment to customer satisfaction is why we are the number one choice for manufacturers of fine kitchen tables in Dubai. Not only is our furniture available to buy direct from our online store, but you can also arrange to have us deliver the products directly to your door.

What are the qualities of Bristo Table?

With so much competition online, it is easy to assume that things will cost more from one place than another. This is why we offer a discount on bulk orders. By making large orders, such as 100 or more, we are able to pass the savings onto you. The lower price that you pay, the better value we will be able to provide. In this article, I will briefly outline how our Bristo Table is made.

Before any other materials are used to construct the table, the wood has to be sourced from a local wood we. We must then cut the wood to the correct size, shape and density for each piece. Once this is done, we send the wood to our timber shop. From there, our expert craftsmen cut and shape each piece of wood until they are ready to be turned into a table. Each piece of wood is then put through a succession of steps to make sure that they are built to our high standards.

Bristo Table gives strength and durability

Another thing that our craftsmen do to make our Bristo Table‘s strong and sturdy is to add edges around the table top. This is done by grinding the edges of the raw material to perfection. Abrasive grinding does not leave sharp edges, but instead creates a smooth surface to further ensure strength and durability of the table top material. Once the edges are done, the table top is then ready to be painted with a high quality, durable finish.

Our manufacturers creating a high quality table

The finish on the table is another aspect of our Bristo Table that we pride ourselves with. Since our table tops are made from solid hardwood and not pressed or molded plastic, our table is guaranteed to stand up to any and all abuse it gets. In fact, our table tops are so strong that even heavy furniture such as a sofa or love seat cannot knock them over. Our table tops are also made to accommodate different and differing tablecloth sizes because, again, no two people’s tables are the same.

Why buy Bristo Table from us?

  • Because we take such care in creating a high quality table, many people have already been in business for years with only a few sales to their name.
  • This has given us plenty of customers to continue to support our local businesses with.
  • As you can see, the manufacturing process is quite simple for us, and our wood craftsman takes great pride in each piece that he creates.
  • After all, a table top is more than just a material tool.
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