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Classic Center Modular Sofa – A Contemporary Introduction

The Dubai Mall is an exciting place for the shopper who wants to experience the thrill and excitement of shopping. This mall has a lot to offer its visitors and this article will give you more reasons to buy Classic Corner Module from us. This is one of the newest forms of furnishing to be found in the traditional Dubai Mall.

These are uniquely stylish piece of furniture

Classic Corner Module has been designed with three different sections, each with its own style of curved corners that project out from the main body of the furniture. These sharp and beautiful curves are what give this piece of furniture the modern appeal. They are not harsh or intrusive like some of the modern furniture that dominates the market today. Instead, they blend in well with the rest of the decor and the architecture of the building.

The main reason to buy a Classic Corner Module from us is that it is beautiful, durable and comfortable. These three points apply to almost all module designs but the way in which the corners are curved gives it a special edge over many of its competitors. Another great thing about it is that it comes with a foam cushion that sits neatly between two of the curved sides. This cushion prevents the sleeper from ‘falling asleep’ on the floor. Another feature of this unit is that it is designed so that it can be easily removed for storage. This means that you do not need to spend a lot of time onsite to get it out of storage as it is quite easy to do.

Classic Corner Module Beautifully create a positive aura 

The materials used in manufacturing Classic Corner Module are hardwood veneer and steel. The veneer is quite fragile and should not be used on delicate furniture (such as dining tables) because it may chip. On the other hand steel frame means that the furniture is more stable and able to withstand large weights. Most modern modular furniture will be constructed of aluminum, plywood or plastic. The designers of this piece of furniture took their inspiration from many different sources to create a uniquely stylish piece of furniture. One of these inspirations was the ancient Greek style of architecture. This style was revived in the modern context with modern furniture combining the best parts of both the styles. The result is a great new modern design that fits the Dubai environment beautifully.

Why Choose our Classic Corner Module?

  • Classic Corner Module is available from our online suppliers at affordable prices.
  • You will find that we have a vast range of styles and colors that will match most decor.
  • It is also simple to assemble and install. Many people choose this kind of corner sofa because it looks great in any room of the house from formal to casual.
  • If you are thinking about buying one of these beautiful corner units, then why not visit our website now.
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