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Outdoor Idyll Teak Low Armchair

Outdoor Idyll Teak Low Armchair Dubai is designed to be comfortable, stylish and durable. It was originally intended for use by the kings of Dubai who would entertain guests in their gardens and patio. As such, it was created by skilled craftsmen that are well-known for their expertise on the field of furniture design. This is the reason why it is considered a quality and luxurious chair. One look at this exquisite piece of furniture will leave you speechless as its style and design is so unique and different from that of any other chair in the market today.

Gives you Comfort Levels Above All else 

The teak tree is a tropical hardwood species native to Southeast Asia that grows in abundance in many countries, including Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. However, the wood only comes into bloom once every 5 years. That is why it is now being shipped all around the world to be used in the production of teak furniture. This is what sets the Idyll Teak Low Armchair Dubai apart from any other chair. It has a natural golden tone that blends perfectly with the surroundings.

This outdoor chair was built to endure the rigors of nature. Its heavy duty aluminum frame and polyester fabric are both designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. This is what gives it the strength to withstand the wear and tear of your family’s outdoor activities. So whatever the climate is outside, this exquisite armchair can be a source of comfort where ever you go.

Guaranteed to give your family ultimate comfort

Aside from its durability, the teak tree is also an eco-friendly product. It is harvested from sustainable rainforests where it is used to build furniture. As such, the Idyll Teak Low Armchair Dubai is one step closer to becoming a reality. Its futuristic low seat is crafted from recycled teak leaves while its futuristic armchair chair and foot rest are crafted from recycled teak wood as well. All the armchair and furniture made from teak is guaranteed to give your family ultimate comfort.

Because the teak tree is fast becoming a rare and valued commodity, you will need to take special precautions when dealing with them. The first thing to keep in mind is that you should never place teak planters near water. This is because the oils produced by the teak tree can seep into water causing damage to the surrounding area. Another thing to note is that the temperature can become quite extreme during the winter season. Make sure that you place the teak tree far from the heating and cooling units. These things are too close to the teak planters and can cause the chairs and tables to crack under the strain.

Why should you buy from us?

  • This is just one of the many reasons why the teak tree is being preferred over any other materials.
  • If you are looking for a chair that will bring comfort to your entire family, a Idyll Teak Low Armchair is the perfect choice.
  • The chairs are also lightweight, which means that you do not have to carry the chair around to reach all the places that you want to sit.
  • A chair that is designed with comfort in mind is what you need.
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