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Impression Dining Armchair Batyline 

The Impression Dining Armchair Batyline is perfect for enjoying the fine dining experience in Dubai. Located in the Burj Al Arab Hotel, this recliner is among the finest available in the market today. A fine dining experience is what this chair offers with a combination of elegance and comfort. This is a perfect choice if you are planning a wonderful meal with family or friends.

The interior design of this chair is simple yet charming. 

The wood finish on the seat has a warm and comforting effect which makes it a popular choice for many people looking for a perfect dining chair. The design of this chair is a combination of a contemporary upholstered mesh backrest and fabric covered console. This Impression Dining Armchair Batyline offers a traditional appeal combined with modern comforts. The chair has a reclined back with armrests that allow the person seated in it to lie back and relax. The large padded headrests are designed to allow the user to be comfortable whilst being fully covered in the luxurious fabrics.

Our Impression Dining Armchair gives antique appeal 

The Impression Dining Armchair Batyline comes with a leather upholstered bench top which is also leather lined on the sides and back. It is finished in dark walnut, which gives it an elegant look. The fabric used on this chair is specially chosen to give it an antique appeal and will give you a feeling of quality. Due to the nature of this chair there are a few maintenance aspects which need to be addressed regularly. It can however, easily dry cleaned if required. If the chair slips on the leather, it will be important to check that it is securely attached to the base. The base is usually a metal bar that is attached to the front of the chair using a nut. It is important that the chair is secured firmly to the floor so that the leather does not tear at the base. If the chair slips off the base then the leather and the wood will be damaged.

Why should you buy an Impression Dining Armchair from us?

  • There are a number of different types of Impression Dining Armchair Batyline on the market, It is essential that when choosing the right dining chair that you consider both the durability and comfort that it will give you. The best solution for this is to purchase from our our store this style chair that is made from 100% leather.
  • You will be able to enjoy the luxury of leather, high quality construction and excellent comfort.
  • Our Impression Dining Armchair is suitable for all climates.

You can contact anytime if you see any damage 

If there is something damaged inside the leather of Impression Dining Armchair Batyline, it may be possible to have it repaired by a professional. The repairs can, however, be carried out by the owner if they are confident of doing it themselves. In the case of serious damage to the ‘Batyline Impressions D’avola’ the repairs can normally be carried out for a couple of hundred pounds. These chairs should not be abused as they can very easily rip or tear.

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