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Get Number Of Benefits With Our Moma & Tuscany Tuscany Dining Set In Dubai 

The MOMA & TUSCANY Dining Set is an exquisite dining experience that will leave you spell bound. The set has been designed to blend the finest of modern design with traditional European craftsmanship. The restaurant and bar inside this stunning restaurant, located on the Dusit boulevard in Dubai, offers sumptuous cuisine and excellent service. There is a three course MOMA & TUSCANY Dining Set that is priced at a moderate price for an average-sized party. This set includes the following:

This dining table has been crafted using marble and glass that have been hand-polished and sealed. It is available in black and silver with a cherry finish and has a long, low seat and a deep base. It is ideal for any family gathering or romantic getaway that you are going on. You can find these pieces online or offline at a local shopping center.

We Have Best Online Moma & Tuscany Dining Set In Dubai

Our MOMA & TUSCANY Dining Set features traditional European craftsmanship. It includes two matching sets: one set of dining chairs which is in silver and white and one set of four matching dinner table seats. It also comes with a matching silver plate which has an antique look to it. The table has been fashioned in a traditional European style with a traditional European pattern.

  • This table features an ornate base made of stone with a glass top. It has a very ornate and stylish look, which makes it ideal for a formal or casual occasion.
  • This elegant set also includes four matching table chairs and a matching dessert table. This set is available online at a local store.
  • This dessert table is available in silver and gold.
  • The table has a high, long seat and is hand carved in a traditional European style.
  •  It also comes with a matching silver plate and silver cutlery. The table is perfect for a romantic dinner with your beloved.
  • The centerpiece of the dessert table is made of solid wood. It is designed to give a dramatic effect to any meal. It is available in dark red, black, gray and white finishes.

Advantages Of Our Moma & Tuscany Dining Set In UAE

  • The MOMA & TUSCANY Dining Set is the ultimate gift for your sweetheart as you enjoy sharing your dinner together with them.
  • You can find these sets online or at a local store where you can browse through the beautiful dishes that you will be giving them.
  • This dessert table is ideal for a formal or casual dining occasion.
  • The table consists of four matching tables: a round table in black, white and beige leather, a rectangular table in white, pink, gray and beige leather, and a large round table in red, cream and beige leather.
  • This traditional European table comes with four seats in a deep rectangular shape. They include a table lamp, candle holder, coffee coaster, dish rack, dish towel holder, napkin tray.
  • They can be hand carved using a variety of styles of wood to match the theme of the dining room. The table has a four-pane stained glass chandelier.

Very Easy To Installation In Dubai

The MOMA & TUSCANY Dining Set we install at your place very easily. i It has a long table and four matching chairs in a round shape. It also has a five-pointed star that adds to the charm of the table. The table is available in a wide range of finishes including black, red, beige, cream and white. It has a five-pointed star etched into the table top.

Contact Us For Doorstep Delivery In Dubai

If you are located across Abu Dhabi for this moma & tuscany dining set then visit us. This table consists of two table chairs and an armoire in a round shape. The armoire is fitted with drawers to store dishes, bowls and plates. It also has a two-tiered shelf, a wine rack, wine opener and two wine glasses. It can hold one or more dishes and a serving tray.

This table is perfect for a perfect gift for a mother who likes to entertain. It is available in black, white and beige and the table has three seats in a square shaped. It has an intricate scroll design etched into the table top.

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