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Pick Your Stipa Armchair In Dubai In Best Range And Give a Elegance look In Dubai Or Abu Dhabi 

With its sleek lines and signature buttoning and fastening mechanism, the Stipa Armchair evokes an image of vintage elegance and quality. Many people look upon its structure and chair design with nostalgia for the simpler times when everything was so much simpler. If you are fond of vintage designs, the Stipa Armchair is certainly worth a look. But why should you buy Stipa Armchair from us?

We Have Numbers Of Variety In Stipa Armchair In Dubai

Let us first look at the original reasons why this chair became known as such. Traditionally, it was created out of teak wood and designed to add an elegant touch to whatever space it was placed in. It is also known to be very sturdy, and is highly resistant to any kind of scratching, peeling or warping. However, the natural oil in the teak wood can be compromised over time due to constant weather conditions. This in turn can result in a dull appearance over time. To combat this, many manufacturers have used a special sealant to protect the timber from the effects of weather, and to prevent the wood from getting damaged even more.

  • The Stipa Armchair is crafted from a variety of beautiful and luxurious fabrics, which are highly resistant to the effects of wear and tear.
  • Some models are made exclusively from cowhide, giving it the unique appearance of a tanned animal.
  • We offer you a selection of different fabrics from all around the world, and our designers know our customers want the best hard exotic wood materials available.
  •  This explains why we offer our customers a host of different options, including:

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However, the original inspiration for the Stipa Armchair is the classic French inspired recliner. And as it happens, the designer Anieu Houdet created the first model back in 1970. But unlike most recliners on the market today, the original model uses a double shell construction to protect the user from the elements. This is because the single outer shell construction is extremely waterproof, enabling it to be left out in the rain. The inner shell is however made from a soft plush material that allows the user to feel very little weight or pressure exerted on their back.

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Today, Houdet’s original creation is available in a number of different colors and materials. This wide selection means that the user has a great selection to suit their tastes and preferences. You can choose from sleek and modern black, aigrette brown and cream, and olive green. Additionally, we have a number of additional features that make the Stipa Armchair a classique furniture masterpiece:

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For many, this is the ultimate solution for staying comfortable outdoors without sacrificing your ability to dine indoors. While the Stipa Armchair may not be the perfect match for your favorite booth at the flea market, you will definitely enjoy the convenience of having this chair in your home. Not only is it beautiful but it is extremely functional. And with such smart outdoor materials and a number of different configurations and designs, you’re sure to find just the right chair to fit your needs. All because Anieu Houdet made them specifically for her famous fashion line.

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