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Stipa Dining Dubai has truly been an unforgettable experience for me and my family. If you’re a regular visitor to Dubai, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Stipa Dining Dubai. Dubai is known for its many international restaurants, cafes, bars and entertainment hubs. But one thing you can be sure of in Dubai is that they have an enormous variety of restaurants and eateries to cater to every taste and budget.

Stipa Dining Dubai has been a big hit for the past few years with the tourists and locals alike. Located in the Raffles City Mall, it is one of the most popular dining experiences for all age groups from kids to adults. The restaurant is divided into three sections namely: Dinning, Patisserie and Coffee Lounge. Let’s start with the Dining section where you’ll find two to four buffet buffets daily. Apart from that, the restaurant also offers special dinner menus and daily lunch specials.

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The buffet line up includes chilled seafoods, steaks, chicken wings, pastas, salads and specialty dishes like Moroccan lamb or goat meatballs. For starters, diners can try the various sushi selections including tempura, salmon or seaweed rolls. For an exciting treat, try their exotic Asian Chicken Rolls which is made with ingredients like mangoes, carrots, onions and sauces flavored with ginger and garlic.

  • The second section of Stipa Dining Dubai is called the Patisserie section.
  • Here diners will find mouth-watering Italian desserts such as Tiramisu La Dolce Vita, tiramisu Mascarpone and the likes.
  •  For those who love cheese, let’s not forget the variety of delicious pastries and tasty treats like Macadamia nut Bread, Swiss Chocolate, Peppermint Twists and Fudge.
  •  To top it all off, a variety of wines are also available here. What more can a patron want?

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Dining in Stipa Dining Dubai is just about the best way to spend your vacation days in Dubai. If you have kids, you can dine at their favorite eateries and then head back to your villa. For seniors, there are many spots that you can enjoy like the Silver Souk, which sells traditional arts and crafts, jewelry and other souvenirs. For children, there are the kid-friendly buffets in Dubai. Located in al-Wasi Street, they serve colorful and tasty snacks for parents.

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With so much to offer, it is no wonder that Stipa Dining Dubai is among the most popular restaurants in the city. The quality, service and atmosphere are unbeatable. The only setback is that the prices here are a little on the higher side. But then, it is still a steal if you compare it to many restaurant chains in Dubai. The experience and value of this dining experience cannot be beaten in Dubai, hands down!

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